About Dream Machines
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About Dream Machines
In this weekly 1 hour TV program we focus on machines employed in travel and transport such as planes, trains, automobiles, boats, trucks, buses and bikes. Although predominately a motoring concept we also explore other exciting and mysterious forms of travel - a review of the space shuttle or the Indian Mumbai Express Autorickshaw Challenge (an amazing race for the clinically insane).

The combination of "real world" every day type subjects, interdispersed with the spectacular and unusual, affords the viewer an intimacy with machinery of a more exotic nature then would normally be accessible. Here we cater to the viewers needs in special interest, the gaining of knowledge and entertainment through the following four show segments.

Something Old
Winding back the clock? a piece on a classic machine, collection or manufacturer. How this historical perspective has effected the present day. A segment filled with heart-warming stories.

Something New
The newest, coolest available today, road testing a wide variety of devices from motorized skateboard to space shuttle. Along the way there are contemporary bikes and clever scooters, frugal and fun Fiat Bambinos, stylish Citroens, fast Porsches, exotic Zondas, elegant boats and oh so smooth private jets.

Something Borrowed
"Borrowing" a celebrity, his dream machine and passion? perhaps Jay Kay and his exotic car collection, George Clooney with his motor cycles or John Travolta and his planes. Alternately, an invited celebrity guest is given a cool/dramatic/inappropriate or fantastic device for evaluation.

Out of the Blue
A segment on stuff that is truly "out there". The latest design show-pieces not available to Joe Average perhaps due to hit the show rooms in a few years time. New technologies like hydrogen power for daily transport or a photon drive for the Starship Enterprise. Dealing also with the customized "babies" that so many passionate about "their ride" are prone to create, sometimes out of something very average and mundane.